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Ruth Hickman Photography specializes in digital media, that is largely centered around cultural diversity and inclusion. Digital media has provided the best platform to showcase the beauty and humanity of underrepresented cultures, communities and people of color.
Ruth believes that everyone deserves to truly be represented in mainstream media. She's more than a Visual Storyteller and Educator. She's a natural Creative Director that will guide her clients through the production process.  Her goal is to tell your visual story through photographs and video that capture your truth.
Ruth Shoots Your Truth!
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Afro Latino Tambien series 


The Afro Latino series is a recognition and celebration of the beauty of darker skinned Latinos. The purpose of this series is to create endless opportunities for inclusion and more Afro Latino representation in mainstream media.


With this series, Ruth aims to empower Afro Latinos to embrace their beautiful dark skin and inspire a global conversation about the contributions made by the Afro descendants of each country in Latin America and include their history in books for students to learn starting in primary school.


This series has gained worldwide attention and has been featured on Sony Universe, Kando Everywhere, Creatividad Plus and more.

Sony Alpha Female Winner

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Hello! Hola! My name is Ruth Carter Hickman.


I’m a Sony Alpha Female Grant Winner and world-renowned bilingual English/Spanish Lifestyle Portrait/Travel Photographer/Videographer who resides in San Diego, California. I enjoy curating my clients' shoots by selecting locations that allow me to capture true human emotion and expression in natural light.

I’ve traveled to many international destinations such as South America, Africa, and Asia! I love experiencing new cultures, landscapes, and meeting new people!

My Background: I was born and raised in San Diego, California. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Media Arts Radio/TV/Film from Clark Atlanta University and a Master of Fine Arts in Television Production from Loyola Marymount University. I have worked in commercial, television, and documentary production for many years. I enjoy teaching high school and college students my passion of Mass Media Arts!


Ruth specializes in creatively capturing the beautiful essence of darker skinned Latinos.

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